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Diewertje Blok

Picture: Anouk de Kleermaeker

I have seen a lot of development work where question marks can be placed with the usefulness and effectiveness, but Sallo and his organisation I trust unconditionally. He lives a simple life, close to the source and his support stems from respect, not from pity. That’s how it should be. Continue

Dieuwertje Blok
Dutch Radio and TV Presenter

Philanthropy Connections

We make connections that enable people to help themselves and each other

Philanthropy Connections is a non-profit organisation dedicated to help people in vulnerable situations. We do that by supporting local organisations who help these people build an independent, dignified life for themselves.

We work with local organisations because they know the problems and needs within their communities like no others can. They speak the language, they know the culture and with that they are the ideal helpers. All that they need are the resources and the contacts to find (financial) help from outside. We do that for them, and in doing so enable them to do more and for more people.

You can help, through a single donation or by supporting our work as a regular donor.

Supporting Nepal

Philanthropy Connections partners with Global Action Coalition (GAC, USA) and Yogdaan Foundation Nepal (YFN, Nepal) to reconstruct earthquake impacted communities in Nepal.
Read our press release here.

What we do

Why we ask you to support Philanthropy Connections

We focus on small local organisations and projects that urgently need help. These community-driven projects are not supported by the major aid organisations. They remain invisible for donors. Here, each and every dollar and euro makes an enormous and clear difference.

With great dedication we strive to bring knowledge, expertise and funds to where they are most needed and the results are evident.

Because our overhead costs are very low and we pay local salaries, we are very cost-effective.  

Philanthropy Connections is committed to all our projects, we remain closely in touch with the people 'in the field' and are always approachable, for them, but also for the donors. This way we can quickly respond to new developments.

Through our website, project reports, newsletters and social media we conscientiously keep everyone informed.

We were founded with the goal to help people in need. It is preeminent in all that we do.

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