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Diewertje Blok

Picture: Anouk de Kleermaeker

I have seen a lot of development work where question marks can be placed with the usefulness and effectiveness, but Sallo and his organisation I trust unconditionally. He lives a simple life, close to the source and his support stems from respect, not from pity. That’s how it should be. Continue

Dieuwertje Blok
Dutch Radio and TV Presenter

About us

Who are we?
Philanthropy Connections is a non-profit organisation dedicated to help people in vulnerable situations. We do that by supporting local organisations who help these people build an independent, dignified life for themselves.

We work with these organisations because they know the problems and needs within their communities like no others can. They speak the language, they know the culture and with that they are the ideal helpers. All that they need are the resources and the contacts to find (financial) help from outside. We do that for them, and in doing so enable them to do more and for more people.

What kind of organisations do we support?
We focus primarily on organisations that are active in the fields of Health, Education, Social Justice, and more generally, Poverty Alleviation. We support those organisations that, in consultation with their communities, research what the real problems are, involve them in finding the solutions, are experts in their field and work in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Where do we work?
Philanthropy Connections focuses on projects in Thailand, Cambodia and Burma.

How do we work?
From our office in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we look for organisations and projects that fit our objectives. If, after a thorough investigation, we are convinced of the quality of their work and their reliability as a partner, we will discuss their needs. After this we start the search to meet those needs, with all the resources at our disposal.

What kind of help?
In most cases we look to finance the organisation’s projects. However we also place and supervise volunteers, provide training and bring parties together that complement each other’s services. We leave the direct assistance in the hands of the local experts. Our strength is in finding the resources that make it possible for the experts to do their work so they can focus on what they do best.

How can Philanthropy Connections exist?
We are a small and specialised organisation that, through working with local salaries, is very cost-effective. We are based locally, utilise a lot of volunteer support and have no expensive international offices, so overhead costs are very low. Because we find it important that funds that are donated for projects actually go to the project, we calculate minimal project management costs, which are directly related to the projects. To cover our overhead costs and to ensure that we can keep on offering additional services, which we cannot charge for, we need the support of donors.

For several countries donations are tax deductible. For details check our 'help out' page.

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