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Harm Edens

As precise and dedicated Sallo used to be as a floor manager, that's exactly how he is here. Wonderful work and keeps at it until the job’s done. That’s what I love.

Harm Edens   
Dutch TV Personality, Sitcom Writer and Ambassador for WWF

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In the media

In Catherine Keyl's column in 'de Telegraaf' (Dutch)
„Then I would buy underwear for all the children”,
is the response of Seewigaa when I asked her what she would do if she had a lot of money. Seewigaa runs an orphanage in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Help charity: Philanthropy Connections
Catherine Keyl on (Dutch)
I transferred my donation immediately. For a couple of hundred euros they can feed those children for six months. 

Philanthrophy Connections on local television
Click on the video below to watch the full interview of Sallo Polak on the local Dutch television channel DRTV (Deventer Radio & Television).

Social Media

Hakim Traidia on Facebook, september 2013 

Boris Dittrich on Facebook, juli 2013

Sai Yord Tai Personal Statement, july 2017 

Sai Yord Tai's Story

sai-yord-tai---Personal-Statement-2.pdf sai-yord-tai---Personal-Statement-2.pdf

Volunteer experiences

Jij de Baas (You, the Boss) - 2016 (PDF, English) 
Dutch  High  School  the  ‘A.  Roland  Holst  College’  organised  the  ’Goede-doelenmarkt’  (Charity  Market)  as  part  of  the  educational  project  ‘You,  the  Boss’,  to  cultivate  social
entrepreneurship  amongst  first  graders.  We  participated  in  this  programme  for  the  third year running.
....Read more

Project visit Melanie Naegeli (PDF, German) to Bahn Ruam Jai
Dieser erste Projektbesuch war für mich eine unglaublich bereichernde Erfahrung. Der Einblick in das leid von menschen, die ohne ihr verschulden in so dramtische....Read more

Internship report Victor Ong                                             

After spending one month in Chiang Mai working for Philanthropy Connections, I have to say that Philanthropy Connections is a charity that that is really different.In my one month internship it was very interesting to see.....Read more

Volunteer report Esther van der Leeuw

At the first meeting with Sallo Polak we discussed the possibilities and needs of Philanthropy Connections. What could I do in a short time with no knowledge about the organization?
Philanthropy Connections had the need to....Read more

Tatiana Serikova - Impressions of an intern

I spent in Philanthropy Connections Foundation a bit more than a month, but the amount of impressions and experience i recieved here accounts for at least a year. Offcours it is connected with the number of amazing projects.....Read more

Volunteer report François Rossi

When i left France for Thailand, my plan was to stay abroad for four months. I stayed eight, and the blame goes to Philanthropy Connections. Sallo Polak's organization is difficult to miss in the Chiang Mai region.....Read more

Volunteer report Charmaine de Jongh

 In recent years I’ve been searching for a charity organization that corresponds with how I personally would like a charity organization to work. In my opinion .....Read More

Jij-de-Baas-You-the-Boss-2016.pdf Jij-de-Baas-You-the-Boss-2016.pdf

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