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Karin de Groot

I support Philanthropy Connections because it is Sallo’s project. He knows to move mountains with few resources and has the talent to bring people together; a unique combination to efficiently and effectively match means with needs.

Karin de Groot
Dutch Writer and TV Personality

Team and Board Members

Arusa Panyakotkaew (Noona)

Project Coordinator

Noona joined PCF in January 2014. Her job concerns all aspects about local projects. She studied a Bachelor’s degree in English and is currently completing her MA in Sociology and Anthropology at Chiang Mai University.

“Working at PCF fits me because I can contribute my skills to its missions while I have learned to grow professionally.”

Hunter Vander

Communications Officer

As a journalist by trade, Hunter is responsible for all the communications of PCF which extends to social media, PR, reporting, marketing and the like. She studied Journalism in South Africa, her home country, and joined the team in July 2015.

“I fell in love with the team and my job from day one. The positive energy is incredible and the work we do…well I am just so grateful to be a part of PCF and can contribute towards its goals.”

Laliphat Leelaphat (Bow)

Administration Assistant

Bow graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts from Chiang Mai University, and has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Assumption University of Thailand. She joined PCF in October 2015 and is responsible for administration tasks that have to be done in Thai.

“By joining PCF I can create value for others who really need help and it is another way to make my life more valuable.”


Board Members

In accordance with the foundation’s articles of incorporation, Philanthropy Connections’ work is overseen by a board. The board consist of four members with Sallo Polak as the chairman of the board. The other three members are René Mendel, Catherine Keyl and Gerard Verberne.

The Board Members and their roles

René Mendel is the treasurer of Philanthropy Connections. For a long time René was affiliated with the University of Amsterdam as a Social Pedagogue and has been the director of "Interakt" for many years now. Interakt produces documentaries, television programmes, websites, DVD's, books and exhibitions with a historical, cultural, educational or social angle. 

Catherine Keyl is the specialist for public relations on the Board of Philanthropy Connections. Catherine has been a renowned talk show host on Dutch Television for more than twenty years. She regularly worked with Sallo, who was floor manager for her programmes. Today she writes columns for ha leading Dutch newspaper and makes frequent appearances on TV.

Gerard Verberne is the secretary of the Board. Gerard is a successful entrepreneur with a background in mechanical engineering. Following the sale of his businesses, he works as a consultant and advisor to various companies. In addition, Gerard is active in mediation, and executive coaching.

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