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Actually, I never really related to development work, because I don't like big, complex organisations. That's the beauty of Philanthropy Connections: you know exactly what your money is used for.

Catherine Keyl
Dutch Journalist and TV Personality


They have enabled us to achieve a greater impact much faster than we ever thought possible

Philanthropy Connections’ development and the impact we have achieved so far would not have been possible without the phenomenal support we have received from numerous volunteers. Their expertise and their countless hours of pro-bono work have enabled us to achieve a greater impact much faster than we ever thought possible. The following is a list of all our volunteers (in alphabetical order) from the beginning of Philanthropy Connections to 2015. We are deeply grateful to each and every one of them.

Permanent pillars of support

Adriënne Kranendonk                                                              
From 2013
Dutch friend, co-produced our videos with her partner Dick Stevens, initiated Delta Lloyd Cycling Team's support of Philanthropy Connections through a fundraising cycle tour and she supports our administration in The Netherlands.

Angie Ng                                                                                
From 2012                                                                              
A friend from Malaysia who connected us to some great sponsors and has helped us with several administrative tasks. She acts as an advisor on our organisational processes and management strategies.

Arno Smit                                                                         
From 2011
Concepts and copy writer from the Netherlands who edits many of our Dutch texts.

Charmaine de Jongh                                                        
From 2013
From Curaçao. She played a key role in completing our current website in English, produced project proposals and reports, and continues to support us, in many ways, from the Netherlands.

Damian Doyle                                                                   
From 2011
He developed and hosts our current website and is a search engine optimisation expert from the Netherlands. He continues to advise us on our online marketing strategies.

Dick Stevens                                                                    
From 2013
Dutch video producer and film maker. He and his partner Adriënne Kranendonk filmed on location in Thailand and produced many of our videos seen on the website. He will be visiting our projects in Cambodia and Thailand with his partner, early next year and produce videos on the progress.

Harm Edens                                                                     
From 2011
Dutch TV personality, sitcom writer and ambassador for WWF. He advises us on PR texts.

Joanne Nihom                                                                          
From 2012
Dutch journalist. She helps us with text- and other areas.

Joe Sieder                                                                         
From 2014
Professional photographer and provides images of our projects and surroundings. Joe has made connections with foundations in Nepal and continues to support our work.

Jos Polak                                                                             
From 2011                                                                     
Brother of the founder of Philanthropy Connections. He designed our 2013 brochure and has been Sallo’s sounding board from the start.

Kevin LJ                                                                           
From 2013
Photographer and videographer from New Zealand. He edited pictures for our website.

Leo Cok                                                                            
From 2013
Organisational coach from the Netherlands. He advises us on the process to expand as a foundation and grow as a team, management strategies and methods to have a wider reach and impact.

Mark Kearns                                                                    
From 2011
IT expert from Ireland, who set up a free customer relationship management (CRM) system for us, migrating contact details and configuring the CRM to meet our requirements. He supports us with all our IT issues and advises on social media use and functionality. Mark is currently developing our new website that we aim to launch in early 2016.        

Stan Commissaris                                                               
From 2011
Dutch civil law notary. He completed all the official legal paperwork to register our foundation in the Netherlands and to establish our tax-exempt status (ANBI) there. Stan continues to give us legal advice.

Thomas Hofmans                                                             
From 2012
Founder and Director of ‘Radar Groep’ – consultants on social issues. Advised Philanthropy Connections on steps to take for expansion and how to have a greater impact.

Volunteers 2015

Eva van Dijk                                                                         
2012 and 2015
Volunteer and high school graduate from Holland. From February to July 2012, she and her friend Elonie edited videos from ‘old’ footage and finished many other tasks. In 2015 she presented our KAKO toilet project with Marleen Laverman at the Jij de Baas entrepreneurial event held for children in primary school, in The Netherlands.

Gideon Polak                                                                         
2012 and 2015                                                                      
The nephew of Philanthropy Connections’ founder Sallo. Gideon was a long-term volunteer for one of our partners in 2012, and supported Philanthropy Connections during his free time. He holds a Masters degree in Communications Science and Health Education & Prevention. In 2015 he helped us with the Jij de Baas entrepreneurial event in the Netherlands.

Jen Meckayai                                                                       
May - August 2015                                                
Jen was involved in organising our administration processes, IT office setup and implemented a new server system, supported our Project Coordinator, modified our Due Diligence process i n English and Thai (procedure when selecting a project) and accounting.

Jo Lynn Tan                                                                      
March 2015                                                
Jo interviewed the team and wrote profiles on "Behind the scenes" and provided the pictures She organised the media library, documents and our server folder system.

Lani Hollander                                                                     
October - December 2015                                                
A non-profit manager based out of Chiang Mai. She assists our Communications Coordinator to edit and proof read our internal documents. Lani is from the United States.

Michelle Emmel                                                                       
March 2014 - February 2015

Michelle setup a partnership with King Baudouin Foundation United States, which enables sponsors from the US to make tax efficient donations to us. She was involved in writing project proposals, finding new sponsors and writing texts for the website.  


Naoko Osaki                                                                        
2013 - 2015
A Japanese friend of Philanthropy Connections who started to support us in June 2013. She focused on establishing Japanese connections.

Volunteers 2014

Anneke Magendans                                                          
From 2012 - 2014
A Dutch CSR and sustainability advisor working at CSR Asia. She lives in Bangladesh and translated many of our Dutch texts into English.

François Rossi                                                                   
December 2013 - March 2014
French logistics expert. He joined us in our Chiang Mai office in December 2013 for a period of three months. François did research for us and wrote reports.

Joris Hofmans                                                                     
2012 - 2014
Creative producer with ‘Close & Counter’, a Dutch advertising agency. He, together with Adrian van Wyk, designed our current website and advised us on web strategies and campaigns. 

Kate Mellor                                                                      
2011 - 2014
Australian master’s student at Stanford University in the US, Kate was involved in Philanthropy Connections from the beginning until 2014. Among many other things, in 2013 she helped with management advice, administrative support and text edits. 

Leanne Noom                                                                     
June 2014 – September 2014                                                   
Dutch Masters student in Strategic and International Management (University of St. Gallen). Leanne helped PCF with the Annual Reports and business plan. She worked at the office in Chiang Mai on a policy for the ANBI, analysed the effectiveness of the educational programs of KAKO and developed a standard to select and monitor projects.  

Lucy Firth                                                                         
2012 - 2014
Australian social and innovation economist (PhD) who worked for the UN, various Australian Governments industries and universities. In July 2012 she helped us with organisational structures and researched the legal status in Australia.

Urs Meienberger                                                                    
July - August 2014
Advised us on implementing an account system; reviewed the office administration in respect of bookkeeping and developed sub-ledgers for PPE (property, plant, equipment); created templates for project proposals and measured the efficiency and effectiveness of projects. 

Volunteers 2013

Carolyn Moffatt                                                                 
2011 - 2013
English teacher who originated one of our scholarship projects and also edited some of our English texts.

Kamiel van Kessel                                                                  
2011 - 2013
Dutch Graphic Designer who designed our logo and house style.

Max Stallkamp                                                                         
1 July - 1 September 2013
German Master’s student in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland. He interned with us from 1st July to 1st September 2013. He produced our annual report 2012 and made an inventory of the current issues at one our projects.

Tobias Oostveen                                                                
2012 - 2013
A masters graduate of Science in Business Studies and volunteer in our Chiang Mai office from December 2012 to January 2013. Tobias was involved in streamlining our administration, writing project proposals and connecting to various stakeholders.

Heleen Minderaa                                                                
2012 - October 2013
Journalist and documentary film maker from the Netherlands. Involved in promoting Philanthropy Connections and overall support from early 2012 up to October 2013.

Tatiana Serikova                                                                 
August 2013
Russian intern from the Strategy and International Management master’s Programme at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland. In August 2013, among other tasks, she produced a ‘Prezi-presentation’ of Philanthropy Connections. Read here Tatiana's experience report.

Vargo Bawits                                                                   
Dutch TV producer. He wrote the scenario of our teaser video ‘This is who we are’ in 2013.

Victor Ong                                                                          
Singaporean master’s student in Strategy and International Management at the University of St. Gallen (HSG) in Switzerland. As an intern in July 2013, he created a tailor-made accountancy system for us and produced our corporate handbook. Read here Victor's experience report.

Volunteers 2012

Adrian van Wyk                                                               
A Dutch web designer, who, together with Joris Hofmans designed our current website. 

Cees de Bruin                     
A relations coach from the Netherlands, who advised us on effective use of language.

Elonie Kooter                                                                          
February 2012 - July 2012
This student from the Netherlands was a volunteer in our office from February to July 2012. With her friend Eva, she edited our early videos and cleaned up our picture archives.

Esther van der Leeuw                                                  
January 2012
Dutch traveling charity worker made significant progress towards reorganising our administration within a few weeks in January 2012. Read here Esther's experience report.

Melanie Naegeli                                                                   
International Hospitality Management graduate from Switzerland. She was a volunteer for us in September and October 2012 and helped with administrative tasks, proposal- and report - writing and fundraising. Read here Melanie's experience report.

Teun Melis                                                                              
Chiang Mai-based Dutchman helped us in the first stages of setting up our accountancy system.

William Cao                                                                             
A fifteen year-old Chinese volunteer who, in 2012, translated our project proposals for preschools and toilets in Cambodia into Chinese and created a PowerPoint presentation for a fundraiser that resulted in the construction of 35 toilets and the opening of three preschools.

Volunteer 2011

Gerda van den Dool                                                          
Our very first intern/volunteer. As part of her studies in Communication Management she helped us with our first steps into the world of social media. Coming from Holland, she stayed with us for six months in 2011.

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